Gama Master Broker, Southeastern Mexico’s Grand Real Estate Broker

Gama Master Broker (GMB) is one of the companies with the greatest track record and experience in the Mexican Caribbean real estate sector. Besides focusing on property marketing and management, it assists in creating a concept and launching a real estate project. To date it has handed over more than 800 units, representing more than 140 million dollars in sales. Its property portfolio, which brings together more than 40 products, is mainly centered on four of the region’s tourism hubs: Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Aventuras and Mahahual. The General Director of GMB, Marc Pujol, talks in depth about the advantages the company offers for owners and potential buyers as well as developers, and he shares with us his vision of the real estate market in the Mexican Caribbean. 

1. What are the services that GMB offers?

GMB is part of all the processes inherent to a real estate development, from the search for land in the best location and obtaining permits to definition of the product through our GMBDESIGN project area. With a great team of architects and engineers, we take charge of creating and reviewing the architectural projects as well as building each of the developments. We even have a construction supervision department in order to ensure that the product has the best quality. Later, we assume responsibility for operations in the case of vacation rentals, and for managing the properties we sell through GMB RENTALS. Therefore, we offer all the quality guarantee and support needed, beginning with the purchasing process until the property is handed over… and even afterwards.

2. What explains the success of the company?

As broker or intermediary, we became the specialists of our developments exclusively. Also, we have succeeded in convincing real estate companies to be our allies so that they can move the maximum number of units in the least amount of time possible. A high number of real estate agents trust usfor example the AMPI members, with whom we have worked together to establish the rules for the market we represent.

A great deal of the success of our company is due to the tremendous team of professionals we have assembled, which consists of more than 200 in-house collaborators. In addition, we have vast experience in launching and conceptualizing real estate developments; in fact, we have successfully represented the best projects in the Riviera Maya, especially those known for their strategic location.

3. What is the return on investment that can be expected after purchasing one of the properties from the GMB portfolio?

Beginning with presale up until delivery, the ROI often rises 25% and we calculate a 10% annual return once the property is handed over. If we had a hotel operation, as is the case of the new era of our projects, the property can leave you between 6% in the first year of operation and up to 10% in subsequent years. So investing today in the Riviera Maya is very profitable. 

4. What can you tell us about the capital gains in destinations such as Puerto Aventuras, Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Mahahual?

Puerto Aventuras is a project that is more than 30 years old, but it has turned itself around due to the ever-growing need for luxury residences, above all in a secure environment. With the arrival of Phase IV, with yacht clubs and heavy investment, I’m sure that today it is the best residential community in the country. Briefly, with the development of Taemathe first private airpark in MexicoI believe a very high-end market will move in, seeking the opportunity to live in a luxury home project with a hangar for private planes! This is going to establish a “before” and “after” in the zone. 

Additionally, Tulum has positioned itself worldwide as the best beach destination in the world, and today the likes of Ibiza, Formentera and Saint-Tropez should not be cause for any great envy on our part. Properties in Tulum will have great capital gain since they are reaching the same levels of demand as Playa del Carmen, despite the fact that it is a destination still in the “launching” phase.

Finally, we have also bet on Mahahual, which we are sure will have a great return on investment.

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