The consolidation of Puerto Cancun: 15 years afters its iniciation

ByYahaira Gavidia – RP Guide

Since the conceptualization of Cancun as an Integrally Planned Center (CIP Cancun in its Spanish-language acronym), Puerto Cancun has been considered an important part of the urban master plan for this tourism destination. The unique location of Puerto Cancun, connecting to downtown Cancun as well as the Hotel Zone, offers it a high urban impact. This is also a result of the fact that it has its own amenities, such as the shopping center, golf course, and residential and mixed-use areas. Certainly, it is a vital part of real estate development in Cancun.

After a great deal of studying and planning for the needs of a new generation, the urbanization of this mega-development began in December of 2013. Preserving 25% of the land originally earmarked for development as a natural reserve, Puerto Cancun offers greater verticality in building construction and it provides more green areas. It also generates less hotel rooms, since it was the local population that demanded more real estate development in a luxury community with everything nearby.

Today, fifteen years later, the building and commercialization of its properties by MIRA and third-party developers still continues. But it can already be appreciated that Puerto Cancun is a consolidated community where more than 6,000 inhabitants live and where first rate commercial and leisure services are offered.

For the first time, this allows residents to live on beachfront property while still being only a short distance from all the services of a city – in a safe place, with ample green areas, and even with their own marina and places for enjoying the outdoors. Without a doubt, Puerto Cancun is one of the greatest attractions for those of us who live in this city…being able to live the sea.   

At the same time, Puerto Cancun is also a driving force in tourism diversification since it has attracted high-end travelers to golf, boating, and luxury second residences. Recently Marina Town Center opened its doors in a space that has also become a gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

During the next decade, we will continue being witnesses to the development of more residences and commercial spaces in this community. Above all, we should keep our eye on the construction and opening of a commercial marina – the last of the great elements contemplated in the master plan. With that, we will see the complete consolidation of Puerto Cancun.


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