Bioclimatic design | Interview with: Victor Sanz | Sanz Architecture

Tell us about Sanzpont Arquitectura philosophy


ur philosophy in terms of design rests upon two main values. First, it tends toward Bioclimatic Design, being an important factor and sustainability. What this basically means to us is that our architecture projects are designed in accordance with the environmental characteristics of the place where construction will take place. If your project is oriented taking the sun into account, if you design with ventilation and lighting in mind, you make sure that energy consumption will be lower and that the overall comfort of the end user is greater.

Our second value, regardless of whether the minimum required is only to solve functional matters, is contemporaneity. We prefer a rather futuristic and curved-line architecture, with lines that bend and move: that is what we did in Hotel del Carmen, which we can describe as futuristic.

Another thing worth mentioning is that each project is meant to have a concept adequate to its location. As an example, Hotel del Carmen is shaped as a reef, referencing a natural element of the destination where it is located.

Speaking of bioclimatic design, how is it related to green technologies

People usually believe that a project can be considered as sustainable by merely adding some solar panels, and that isn’t the case necessarily. It isn’t really useful to have all lighting be done with the latest in LEDs if windows are not properly located and there’s no natural lighting during daytime, as lights will be turned on for longer periods. The same goes if you install solar panels only so you can have air conditioning on most of the day. It is illogical. Green technologies have to be an actual complement to the Bioclimatic Design element.

Architecs should strive to go farther than merely solving issues, they should contribute to the quality of life in the cities; otherwise we reduce ourselves to merely fulfilling commissions


Would you say there is an actual mexican caribbean style? what are its main elements, or how would you define it, if so?

Rather than a mere style, I would say there is a whole of doing Caribbean architecture, which must focus on the weather. What do we have in the Caribbean? Hot weather, good ventilation and excellent views. This way, architecture with eaves that create shade, terraces and open spaces that allow closer connection to the environment is what we can all Caribbean architecture: it doesn´t matter if it is done in minimalistic, colonial, or any other style.


How important is architecture for the success of a business office or company?

It is ver important. On the side of marketing people understand this very well. What’s the goal? To sell more; and so, clients tend to be quite aware and willing to invest, they will spare no expense in a designer as their goal is to sell, it’s all business, and the cost of the project’s design is valued as much as they understand that it’s not the same to cut sales in half or doubling them in the same store.


What would you tell those who believe they don´t  need an architect to design their home or business, only because they have fine taste and clear goals?

In the case of homes, clients are more likley to think they don’t need design, believing they can do it themselves as it is based on personal liking. They don’t see the point in paying for a professional, as they think it will absurdly increase the cost of the project. I mean, they see us as an expenditure. They can’t see that we actually are an investment. If someone is doing a two-million MXN house, they will tell the architect what the budget is upon hiring, so that the architect can design a house as efficient as the budget allows, streamlining resources and making the most of them. By doing things this way, the house will make sense, and if the owner ever wants to sell, it will have added value.



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